30 Minute Nonprofit Audio Podcast Production


As of May 2021, there are over 600 million blogs, but only 1.75 million podcasts. If you want your organization to stand out, start podcasting.

You create the content. We produce your podcast.

Record multiple episodes and receive quantity discounts.




Recording Studio Equipment

We record in-person podcasts in our acoustically treated tracking room using Neumann TLM-103 and Shure SM57 microphones, an Avalon VT-737 SP pre-amp, and a Behringer X32 digital mixer.


Virtual Recording Checklist

1. Make sure all participants tune in from a computer with a Chrome browser that’s up-to-date.

2. Check internet stability. Ethernet cable is preferred over WiFI.

3. Use an external mic, if possible.

4. Use headphones/earphones to prevent echo. If someone doesn’t have them, consider turning on echo cancellation for that person. Echo cancellation degrades the audio quality so for the highest quality recording we recommend wearing headphones.

5. Close all applications that don’t need to be open during the recording. This prevents CPU overload. Important: Close all programs that try to use your mic/camera.

6. If you can’t connect the mic/camera, make sure you have given access to Chrome to use your mic/camera.

Recording Method

In Studio, Virtual

Number of Episodes

1 episode, 5 episodes, 10 episodes

Number of Speakers

One, Two

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