cropped-emily_hibard_site_icon_512x512.jpgEmily Hibard speaks on the topics of business, recovery, non-profits and faith.

Invite Emily to speak. 


Emily guest lectures at universities and at business seminars on digital influence, e-commerce, and best practices.


Emily Hibard has been working with women in the sex industry for over ten years and represents Crissy Outlaw, a former porn star. Emily shares how she discovered human trafficking in Southeast Asia and her unique encounters with sex workers around the world.

Non-Profit Organizations

In 2012, Emily founded Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio, a nonprofit organization on a mission to influence culture through positive music. In her first book, Starting Your Nonprofit: A Workbook to Guide You Through a Million Exciting Tasks, she teaches future nonprofit founders how to launch a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 11 steps.


Emily Hibard is a Christian and shares her story of accidentally becoming critical and judgmental after nearly twenty years of formal religious education.



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