• Nonprofit organizations are some of the most effective ways to do good. I like to think of nonprofit organizations as businesses that receive a "gold star" for stellar behavior. California 501c3 nonprofits are created just like a corporation, but since their sole existence is to do good, the rules are a tad different than for-profit corporations. The biggest difference is the financial incentive to give money to a nonprofit because the donor can then turn around and use that amount to reduce their taxable income. I just got off the phone with a client who wants to start a nonprofit in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. Excellent! She's been working in her particular industry for a couple of decades and know the ins, outs, and gaps like the back of her hand. She's had to accept the gaps, in her current position, because there is no mechanism to address or fix them. So, she's decided to start a nonprofit organization to laser focus her attention on these specific gaps. Nonprofits are great at filling gaps. What she has is the knowledge of her industry, and the will to make a difference. What she doesn't have is the know-how to get a 501c3 nonprofit up and running. That's where I can help the most.

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