• Photo of What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?

    It was 2003. I was backpacking around Cambodia with three changes of clothes and two pairs of Reef flip-flops inside my REI pack when I first saw it. It was subtle, accepted. I didn't realize I'd walked into the hornet's nest, because the hornet's nest was quiet, polite, and air conditioned. Apple's iPhone was first released in 2007, so this was about four years shy of any sort of "smart phone." To let my parents, back home in Los Angeles, know I was still alive, I would occasionally find an internet cafe, pre-pay for however many minutes I thought it might take to draft an AOL email or two, and click send. My estimations would then fly out of the window as soon as I clicked send and heard that dreadful dial-up screeching sound.

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