• S2. E7. Dr. Joy Karavedas

    Several years ago, Dr. Joy Karavedas made a career change from law to education. This change was fueled by her strong belief that education can change the world. After watching her students’ eyes open to the potential within each of them, she knew she was on the right track. Her life was changed forever. Dr. Joy Karavedas was going to do whatever she could to help people see the possibilities before them. After over 20 years as an educational leader, Dr. Karavedas' interest in leadership moved beyond education. She earned a doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership with a focus on identification and development of emerging leaders. Understanding the importance of leadership within organizational structures has guided her desire to help people maximize their value and potential. It is now her pleasure and honor to coach people as they grow into creative and collaborative thinkers who impact the future of our world.

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