• Hey podcasters! This one’s for you! Last year, nearly all of us started using Zoom for the first time. We used it to keep in touch with iPhone-less family members, celebrate birthdays, and communicate with colleagues. It was great because it was easy enough for both grandpa and little Timmy to use. And for most, Zoom will continue to be great. Well, good enough. Your free, basic account will still let you connect with friends, family, and co-workers for 40 or so minutes like normal. But, what if you need to take it to the next level? What if you need to record it? What if you need high definition video and high quality audio? Well, then give riverside.fm a try. The guys at riverside.fm have been quietly working behind the scenes as the whole world turned to technology to keep in touch, and quality is their kung fu grip. Without getting too technical, riverside.fm uses your internet browser (not your internet speed) to record your video and audio locally (for you and your guest). This means that as internet speed ebbs and flows, the video and audio quality remain untouched. Now for those of you that know I have …

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