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Honor Project Documentary: a film about fatherhood

I’m getting a little excited folks.

Ya see, at the beginning of 2018, I set out to make a documentary (my first). I wanted to follow around Los Angeles Dads and learn anything and everything I could about fatherhood. What’s masculine? What’s manly? What’s a father? What’s fatherhood like? Do all men want to be a father?

I reached out to about 15 Dads I already knew. Well, I knew they were fathers, but I didn’t really know their stories…their back stories. While online one day, I discovered this group called City Dads Group, and they had chapters all around the country. Cool!

I called the LA Dads Group and spoke with a Dad named Eli Lipmen. Ironically, despite being total strangers, we had a few things in common, particularly, our involvement with the Neighborhood Councils throughout Los Angeles. (Neighborhood Councils are neighborhood governing bodies responsible for their particular neighborhood. They’re extensions of the LA Mayor’s office).

He spoke with his people then called me back and said “We’re in!”

Nearly 35 filming days later (a few of which took place in the Arctic Ocean!), I took a deep breath and flopped myself down on my couch. “The editor does the rest, right?” I thought.


If I didn’t know what the life of a producer was like before my first film production, the learning curve came fast and steep. Basically, every problem is ultimately yours, and so are all of the costs. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

I don’t know what would’ve happened if I didn’t have editor Sarah LaSpisa or audio genius Ryland Talamo bringing all of their awesomeness to post production.

We’re looking to release Honor Project Documentary on Father’s Day!

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