Forgiveness: Small Group Study for Men

Honor Project Documentary’s Small Group Study for Men is an 8-episode video series for fathers of faith. Every dad needs to know how to handle forgiveness, both asking for it and extending it.

In this second episode, we highlight the importance of forgiveness.

This episode features “documentary dads” Nick Karavedas, artist Angelo Buonvicino, luxury travel salesman Richard Bravo, pastor Larry Rodriguez, and media consultant Phil Cooke.

Host: Nick Karavedas http://ow.ly/3TQH50xmvvm

Composer: Jermaine Stegall http://ow.ly/VA8650xmvq7

Cinematographer: Mathieu Fretschel

Producer: Emily Hibard http://ow.ly/henT50xmvja

Honor Project Documentary Official Soundtrack: http://ow.ly/umZI50xmvxF

Honor Project Documentary trailer: http://ow.ly/WFbK50xmvZN

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