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Kathleen Cooke’s Influence Women’s Event

I’m a magnet for amazing people. I attract them left and right, and for as far back as I can remember.

Years ago, I first met Kathleen while doing some volunteer work for an event she was producing. Personally, I was navigating a pretty challenging season. And by “pretty challenging season” I mean, just go ahead and use all the cuss words.

Kathleen has a beautiful heart.

One evening, we were having an early dinner at Ca De Sol in Studio City, California. It was a particularly rough day and I monologued Kathleen hard. This and that and blah blah blah. I went on for so long and drank so much water that I ended up excusing myself for the ladies room.

As I returned, just before walking around that enormous oak tree on the patio, I noticed an older gentleman leaning over and saying something to Kathleen.

So wrapped up with myself, I hadn’t even noticed him before. I quickly stopped and hid myself so I could spy.

The older man was commending Kathleen for being such a wonderful lady and for caring so much about me.

Kathleen Cooke IS a wonderful lady. Much of the time, it’s behind closed doors, or, in my case, sitting out on a quiet patio of a cozy Los Angeles restaurant. And she’s as wonderful in public as she is in private.

She’s consistently true to herself whether people are watching not.

Kathleen owns Cooke Media Group, a production company based nearby in Burbank, California. She travels a ton and often texts me from different countries and time zones. I’m not even phased anymore. Even with her hands already full, she started the Influence Lab, which is a charitable division of her production company, to further help folks out with their media needs.

This week, Kathleen is hosting an Influence Lab Women’s event in partnership with the Salvation Army Hollywood.

She’s hosting a unique event that starts off by feeding the homeless youth in Hollywood, then transitions to a heartfelt and powerful meeting with some of Hollywood’s most influential women.

With the recent release of Honor Project Documentary, my film about fatherhood that was just released on Father’s Day, Kathleen has invited me to participate in a very different way. She’ll be sharing the film with her group, then her and I will be discussing the heart behind the project.

If anything I’ve said here resonates with you, join us. I hope you’re all as fortunate as I am to have a “Kathleen Cooke” in your life.

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