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Spring internship is up and running!

One of my favorite seasons is internship season!

At Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio, the nonprofit I started back in 2012, we have the opportunity to welcome a select group of college interns to join us for a few months. This season, we have a talented lineup of student interns from the following schools:

  1. Cal Poly Pomona
  2. Azusa Pacific University
  3. Whittier College
  4. Life Pacific College

They’ve taken the right classes, studied under the right professors, and are headed in the right direction. But, honestly, they have no idea what’s about to hit them. Idle Tuesdays is a unique environment in that our interns don’t go get our coffee for us. Our lunch either. Unlike all of the other music internships here in Los Angeles / Hollywood, our student interns get hands-on experience from start to finish.

There’s a project they’re working on right now that started with everybody sitting around our conference table.

We told them what end result we wanted, but then left it up to them to get there. We have the space, the studio, the gear, and all the tech, but this particular project will force them to produce original thoughts, collaborate with different types of thinkers, use gear they’ve never used before, and execute their own ideas.

The best way to test the water is to jump in!

Here’s a few of the softwares / programs we’re training them to use on our projects:

  1. Asana (project management software – free for up to 15 users)
  2. Google Drive (file storage)
  3. Planning Center (create easy to read run sheets for free!)
  4. ProTools (audio recording software)
  5. Logic (audio recording software)
  6. WordPress (content management software – idletuesdays.com is a WordPress website)
  7. Social media (YouTube, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram – being an Admin is slightly different or more involved for platforms like Facebook)

Since their entire internship will be project-based, we’ll utilize Asana to create projects, assign tasks to specific interns, communicate about specific tasks, share files, and keep an eye on the calendar. We’ve been using it at Idle Tuesdays for a few years now and it’s turned out to be a great tool to use with our student interns as well.

The recording studio is jam packed full of audio and video gear, but here’s the short list of gear we’ll have our interns train on:

  1. Panasonic broadcast cameras (great for LIVE streaming to YouTube or Facebook)
  2. Manfrotto tripods and heads (tripods for heavier cameras – around 12-14 pounds)
  3. Shure microphones (lavaliers, SM57s, SM58s, etc)
  4. Roland VR-3EX audio/video mixer (great for LIVE streaming!)
  5. Canon 5D Mark II (great camera for still photographs and other filmed projects)
  6. Final Cut Pro (video editing software)
  7. iMovie (a very basic video editing software)

I always get excited when I see young people chase their dream. These student interns are doing just that. In addition to their already full school schedules, they’ll be dedicating about 10 hours a week to Idle Tuesdays Recording Studio. That’s commitment. And I like commitment.

As the days and weeks pass, I’m sure I’ll be posting more brags about these brilliant minds. They’re my future and I thoroughly enjoy investing in them through this unique opportunity.

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