My First Panic Attack: Scuba Diving Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

I’m sitting on the coast of Cairns, Queensland, Australia, looking out at the South Pacific today. I’m watching dive boats returning from a day on the Great Barrier Reef, and a sailboat, with a hot pink spinnaker sail, is capturing… Continue Reading

Richard Bravo is the “ConversationStarter”

In March 2015, my Aussie friend Bronwen Healy arrived at Los Angeles Airport at 6:00am. A few days earlier, I received a call from my gal pal Brandy Chagolla – she discovered a pile of trash in Sherman Oaks and… Continue Reading

The XXX Series – White Shadow Films

Last year, my favorite ex-porn star friend Crissy Moran shot this television mini-series with producer Andrew Douglas and his team at White Shadow Films. White Shadow Films, based in Brisbane, Australia, spent months on the road, interviewing ex porn producers,… Continue Reading

I accidentally became a dirty, legalistic, judgmental Christian

When I was sixteen, I had my best friend kicked out of my Christian high school for having sex with her boyfriend (now husband…now father of her three children…now pastor). After years of Greek, inductive Bible study, exegesis and religious… Continue Reading